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16 February 2024
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Today, ATLUS and Vanillaware released additional information about the highly anticipated tactical Fantasy RPG Unicorn Overlord. The latest breakdown provides an overview of battle stages and battle tactics, as well as details on the protagonist Alain’s allies, including Yunifi, Ramona, Morard, and more, as well as the enemy Elgor.


Yunifi (Protagonist’s Ally): Japanese VA = Hisako Kanemoto

A member of a Bastorias based resistance group known as the Frostblooms. She is a preeminent archer central to the fight against Zenoira. Though born to humans, she was taken in and raised by

Ramona (Protagonist’s Ally): Japanese VA = Nanako Mori

The leader of the Bastorias-based resistance group know as the Frostblooms and Yunifi’s adoptive mother. Though chieftess of the owl bloodline, she is well-respected by members of all bestral races.

Morard (Protagonist’s Ally): Japanese VA = Tomoyuki Shimura

A lion bestral and member of a Bastorias resistance group known as the Frostblooms. He boasts immense physickal strength, and together with Yunifi, forms the core of the Frostbloom’s ranks.

Nigel (Protagonist’s Ally): Japanese VA = Takayuki Ashii

Leader of the Knights of the Sacred Heart, he attained reverend-knighthood at a young age, then claimed the role of captain after playing an influential role in Albion's defense against Zenoira. 

Dinah (Protagonist's Ally): Japanese VA = Sayaka Senbongi

A fox bestral and captain of the Snowpetals. Though quick to anger, she cares deeply for her soldiers, who respect her greatly in turn.

Sanatio (Protagonist’s Ally): Japanese VA = Mutsumi Tamura

Angelic attendant to the pontifex and leader of the Heavenswing Knights. As a winged reverend knight, he was identified as a future leader of the Orthodoxy at a young age. 

Elgor (Protagonist’s Enemy): Japanese VA = Shigeru Chiba

A knight of Reimann, high commander of the northern Zenoiran Army. Granted a set of ancient Zenoiran Armor by Galerius. It’s said that none have seen his face and lived to tell the tale.

Battlefield (Battle Stages)

Battle stages are the fields of combat where allied and enemy units wage war in real-time. Each battle stage has victory conditions that must be fulfilled in order to complete it. 

Deploying Units & Unit Mobility

Allied units can be deployed from any base flying a blue flag. Select an allied unit with the cursor to order them to move toward a target destination. Valor points can be replenished by defeating enemies and liberating towns. 


When encountering enemy units, select “battle” from the battle menu to enter enter the fray.

Swapping Positions

When two allied units are in close proximity, one can swap for the other. Swap and do battle depending on the condition of your allies and compatibility with the enemy unit.

Waiting and First Strike

Upon losing a battle, the defeated unit is knocked back and enters a waiting state. Engaging a waiting unit will grant the attacking unit a First Strike opportunity.

Stamina & Resting

Engaging in battle consumes stamina. Units with 0 stamina will be unable to move. Resting allows a unit to enter a waiting state and recover a set amount of stamina. However a resting unit is defenseless against enemy attacks and unable to make use of skills. 

Hallowed Corne Ash

Hallowed Corne Ash can be used to avert a Game Over when the time limit expires, your command post is claimed by the enemy, or your army is defeated.

Valor Skills

Valor Skills are usable during a battle stage. Different classes have access to different Valor Skills. Valor is also depleted when deploying units, so be sure to spend it wisely. Traps, Divine Effigies, Encampments, & Siege Weapons

Each battle stage includes various facilities allowing you to turn the tides of battle; Divine Effigies for summoning cyclones, encampments for healing your units, and more.  


Battles play out automatically according to various predetermined rules. Combatants take turn using Active Skills according to their Initiatives. The battle will end when all combatants have run out of Active Points (AP) or one side is defeated. Active Skills

When a combatant’s turn arrives, they will use one of their Active Skills. AP are required to use Active Skills. AP is represented by a red gem. The battle ends when both sides exhaust their AP.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills consume Passive Points (PP) and are activated automatically when reacting to certain conditions, such as being attacked. Activation conditions vary depending on the passive skill. PP is represented by a blue gem. Passive skills cannot be activated without PP.

Tactics & Priority

The tactics you set determine when a character will use what skill and who they will target. Tactics allow you to assign the priority of each skill and up to two conditions for their use. Without setting tactics, characters will simply attack the enemy directly in front of them. In order to fight efficiently, it is important to set tactics before entering battle. 

Tactics Example

Alain’s Lean Edge skill recovers HP if he defeats an enemy while using the skill. Hence, targeting the enemy with the Lowest HP makes it more likely he will defeat his foe and trigger the healing effect.

Tactics & Priority

Tactics can be prioritized, with the highest priority coming first. Urgent skills such as recovery skills or others you wish to activate first, can be prioritized first.  For example, if the above tactics are assigned, the character will attack with Slice no matter what. This means they will never use Heal to aid their allies. By adjusting the priority of their tactics as shown above, they will use heal if an ally has less than 50% HP. Otherwise they will attack with slice instead.  The trick is to give higher priority to skills with narrower activation conditions.


Tactics and equipment can also be automated by using the Optimize function. If you are having difficulty making decisions, try out the Optimize function.

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