The sky is a universal wonder across many mythos, with its seemingly boundless presence surrounding the entirety of the earth in a gentle blue hue. Within Egyptian legend, this protective barrier, filled with shimmering starlight, is Nut, the mother to all souls and their guide to a peaceful afterlife.

The Goddess of the Sky stretches across the earth from end to end, separating the world of man from the dark depths of the cosmos, in which chaos reigns. Her duty to mankind is to protect the souls of the recently departed and to be the basin within which the sun may travel, allowing humanity to experience day and night. She is the coverer of the sky, the holder of a thousand souls, and the bearer of gods.

Despite the arduous tasks Nut performs, she does them with grace and unconditional love for her creations, for she is all too familiar with the pain of heartbreak and loss. When the universe was still young, Nut was forcefully separated from her husband, Geb, for all of eternity by Ra. She had to put her own inner turmoil aside for the sake of others, dutifully observing humanity from afar… until now.

Throughout SMITE’s tenured history, there has always been an omnipresent watcher, instructing the mortals who dare to play god about the sagas and tales of the mythologies they represent. This figure has been known to our community as the Lore Lady, but now, in SMITE’s eleventh year, she is revealed to be Nut – as she has been all along! Soon, Nut will finally be amongst the gods she has only ever known about through fables passed from generation to generation.

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