Bandai Namco has dropped a brand-new trailer for DRAGON BALL Z: Kakarot, and this one gives us a look at the next round of DLC heading to players in the very near future. It seems like someone has been training hard, as you’ll see in this fight against Goten as Goku (Blue Gi).

DRAGON BALL Z: Kakarot will be getting ‘Goku’s Next Journey’ DLC sometime in February 2024, as confirmed by today’s trailer. In this DLC, wish of 10 years ago has now been granted. Goku will meet none other than Uub in this expansion, which is sure to offer quite an exciting round of action.

Specifics on the ‘Goku’s Next Journey’ DLC are yet to be shared, and that includes pricing and exact release date. Once we get more information on this DLC, we’ll be sure to share a breakdown with you.

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