Kiddos and squiddos, we’re less than one week away from the upcoming Side Order DLC expansion for Splatoon 3! Ahead of its release, Nintendo has shared a few more details on what we can expect from this unique challenge, and it seems there’s quite a bit of enticing content to look forward to.

First up, the image above shows off an army of unusual creatures known as Jelletons, and they call the Spire of Order home. There are multiple types of Jelletons, with some looking like fish and others taking on the appearance of all sorts of creatures. They attack by whirling, bouncing, or jumping. It looks like bones of some enemies can be useful even after they’re defeated.


Moving on, it appears each floor in the Spire of Order has a different objective, such as destroying all enemy-spawning portals, securing areas, guiding a ball to the goal, and moving a tower forward. Make sure to factor in your skills, the rewards, and the difficulty before you choose.


As if that wasn’t enough fun to look forward to, Splatoon 3 will also see Fresh Season 2024 kick off on March 1st, 2024! That will also bring with a wealth of things to do and see, including the final Salmon Run map; Bonerattle Arena.

This new location is a place of exile that’s been modified into an arena, Salmonids battle day and night here to see who’s strongest. They’re equally eager to fight anyone after their eggs.


That’s not all for Salmon Run fans, as additional slopsuits, gear, banners, decorations, stickers and more will soon be made available for purchase as well. Looks like you’ll be able to outfit yourself with all sorts of fresh goodies, letting you really strut your stuff when you’re making your next run.

Last but not least, Fresh Season 2024 will also pack in a bunch of new weapons, and we’ve gotten a look at a select few. You can see them in the gallery above and then read details on each below.

New Squiffer

  • changed colors and a different loadout
  • stick to the walls using the Zipcaster special
  • Autobomb sub weapon

Foil Flingza Roller

  • Suction Bomb sub weapon can lay down a wide area of ink
  • Splattercolor Screen special will help secure your approach with horizontal swings

Dread Wringer D

  • new emblems and a unique loadout
  • Squid Beakon sub weapon
  • Wave Breaker special

Recycle Brella 24 Mk 1

  • fast canopy release & cooldown
  • canopy is primarily nori seaweed & is environmentally friendly
  • shot spread is lower compared to other brellas
  • shield durability is very low

Douser Dualies

  • unique adjustable nozzle that can be switched depending on the situation
  • regular nozzle is used for longer ranges
  • secondary rapid-fire nozzle can make short work of nearby targets
  • compared to other dualies, the rolling distance is longer, but you can only use it once
  • using the rapid-fire nozzle after dodging is powerful, but it does consume a lot of ink

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