Capcom is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a number of different ways, and of course that includes apparel. While Capcom has already released a number of clothing items for their 40th anniversary, they’re back today with some new items that Monster Hunter fans will want to check out.

One part of Capcom’s celebrations for their 40th anniversary was the opening of the Capcom Town website. This is a site that lets you read through Capcom’s 4 decades of game history, and you can even sample a few of the games while you’re there. If you happen to be a big fan of Capcom Town and Monster Hunter, then today’s new clothing options are for you.

Capcom has released a series of Capcom Town X Monster Hunter branded items, and the lineup includes long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and t-shirts. All of these are available to purchase through the e-Capcom Store, which will ship out through Amazon. In other words, you should have no problem getting the clothing you want no matter where you live.

You can snoop through the gallery of available 40th anniversary clothing options here.

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