Back in March of last year, Pokémon Co. opened a Project Snorlax X account, which aimed to “deliver the cuteness, coolness, and loveliness” of Snorlax through a number of different projects. One of those projects has been released today, and this one comes in the form of a music video.

The latest event tied to Project Snorlax gives us an Ai Fairouz song featuring Snorlax, and it’s titled “Kabigon neterunkaai.” In English, the song’s title translates to “You’re sleeping soundly, Snorlax,” which definitely describes the Pokémon perfectly. Pokémon Co. teamed with Minto to create the music video and you can give it a watch above.

Japanese-Egyptian voice actress Ai Fairouz has actually worked with the Pokémon Co. numerous times before, providing Japanese voiceovers for the Levincia Gym Leader Iono in Pokémon Masters EX, plus the shows Pokemon: Paldean Winds and Pokemon Concierge. As for the song itself, it was composed by Tokyo Logic’s Karasuya Sabou, with itami handling animation alongside Studio Alble’s Mizuki Watanabe as a producer.

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