Suika Game is being enjoyed by millions upon millions of players the world over, and plenty of them have been gunning for a top spot on the online leaderboards. If you’ve been trying to make a name for yourself with a high score, you’ll soon have the chance to show off your skills with a fresh field of competitors.

The official X account for Suika Game has announced that online scores are going to be reset sometime in late February. This specifically relates to Switch players, so if you’ve been racking up some high-scoring games that have earned you a spot on the leaderboards, get ready to see your achievement disappear from the worldview.

The developers say they’re resetting online scores due to “how the system works” on the Switch. If you’re looking for more details than that, you’re unfortunately going to be disappointed, as that’s all the info we have. The dev team did say that they were sorry for the trouble this causes players, but at least your achievements will be retained locally.

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