2021’s Mortal Kombat movie may not have been fine cinema, but it certainly had its fans. RottenTomatoes has a 54% rotten score from critics, but and 86% fresh score from fans. As we all know, it’s the fans that really matter, as they speak with their money.

The success of last year’s film has paved the way for a sequel, complete with a new writer. Jeremy Slater, the producer and head writer of Marvel’s Moon Knight, is also tackling the screenplay for Mortal Kombat 2. In an interview with The Direct, Slater shared some details on how the sequel is coming along, as well as lessons learned from the 2021 film.

It’s really fun so far. We’re about halfway through the script. I’m working really closely with the director and the studios, and the game guys, and I think—I can’t say anything about the actual story, but I think they definitely learned some lessons the last time around in terms of, ‘Here’s the stuff fans responded to, and here’s what people liked out of the movie, and here’s the stuff that didn’t work out as well as we hoped.’ So we’re really looking at this as a chance to take everything that worked in the first one and do it even better and give the audience even more, and make something that is just incredibly satisfying, and really exciting, and unpredictable.

[Jeremy Slater]

As Slater is just coming off of Moon Knight, people are curious if any of his time spent with the MCU will be reflected in Mortal Kombat 2. Slater said that there were certainly aspects of his time with Moon Knight that’ll bleed into Mortal Kombat 2, especially when it comes to embracing what Mortal Kombat is all about.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily going to have the same tone as the MCU, but it’s definitely going to have some of my sensibilities. That was part of my pitch to them. This is Mortal Kombat. We have guys who are ripping off their faces and breathing fire—it’s a weird universe, let’s embrace some of that weirdness, and let’s make a Mortal Kombat sequel that no one is expecting and that can kind of sneak in and blow everyone away. We’re still really early in that process, but I’m having a blast with this script.”

[Jeremy Slater]

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