Do you have an amiibo collection? If so, how many amiibo do you have? Have you been keeping up with the amiibo since day one or did you just focus on a single franchise? Whatever the case, hopefully you got your hands on every amiibo you wanted, as it’s been quite an extensive series of releases!

Nintendo obviously has a lot of love for amiibo today, and they recognize today as a very special day for the Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo fans out there. With the release of the Sora amiibo, the line of Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo has come to an end. All in all, there have been a whopping 94 amiibo released in this Smash series!

To mark the occasion, Nintendo has taken to social media to share an image of every single Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo all in one spot. If you happen to own this collection in full, it’s clear that you’ve dedicated quite a bit of space to it, and that goes doubly for any collectors who keep these releases in boxes.

How many Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo made it into your collection?

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4M ago

"Good luck finding all of us!"

I really like the Smash Bros. Amiibos as figurines. It's fun having a little affordable figurine of a character you love for your desk or a shelf. But I don't use these for their intended purpose in Smash Bros, just decorations. I wish they had given them a bit more purpose in the game.