A rivalry decades in the making reaches its boiling point in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, available now for the Switch family of systems!

Are Mario and Donkey Kong friends or enemies? The two have forged powerhouse partnerships in games like Mario Tennis Aces, but they’ve also gone boot-to-toe in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So maybe they’re … both?!

From Donkey Kong on NES to their latest bout in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a new video tackles this very question and offers a look at some of the eventful encounters these rivals have had over the years. Share the video with your readers … and maybe even your own special frenemy!

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong, the battle of wits and wills that took place on the Game Boy Advance system returns on the Nintendo Switch with a new Two-Player Mode, challenging new levels, updated visuals, a fully reorchestrated soundtrack and other new ways to play. Donkey Kong has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys from the factory, and it’s up to Mario to get them back! Run, jump, backflip and put your brain to work across over 130 levels in this puzzle-style twist on classic platforming action.

Remember: Always keep your frenemies close!

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