Over the last 3 days, Splatoon 3 players were battling it out in the latest Splatfest, with most of the world participating in a battle over the weekend while Japan fought to name the best dessert filling. The competition has officially closed and the ink has settled, revealing which teams came out on top.

When it comes to the weekend Splatfest, which asked players if Friday, Saturday or Sunday was their favorite weekend day, Team Friday ended up coming out on top. As usual, all teams fought hard and the battle was close, but in the end if was Team Friday that had what it took to secure the victory.

Over in Japan, Splatoon 3 players were trying to decide if “Red Bean Paste,” “Custard,” or “Whipped Cream” was the best dessert filling. Now that the Splatfest has come to a close, we see that Team Whipped Cream took home the W. While we didn’t get to participate in this Splatfest stateside, I have to say that I think the right team came out on top!

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