Discover the truth and find out what critics think of Another Code: Recollection in this new trailer from Nintendo. Remember, Another Code: Recollection is available now on the Switch eShop and at retail, and there’s also a free demo available to download as well.

An abandoned mansion sits atop the ominous Blood Edward Island, but what secrets does this place hold? Find out with Another Code: Recollection, which contains two fully enhanced mystery adventures—including one previously unreleased in North America.

Help Ashley Mizuki Robins solve riddles, gather clues, and investigate the traces of the past to uncover the true fates of her parents. You can also make use of optional hint and navigation systems to help keep your investigations on track. Immerse yourself in the intrigue with overhauled visuals, new voice acting, and fully explorable environments that breathe new life into the moody setting of both adventures.

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