It feels like Nintendo fans have really been through the ringer with the latest round of Nintendo Direct rumors. We’ve heard of a Direct supposedly coming our way for weeks and weeks now, but Nintendo hasn’t made a peep. Now we’re getting to Inception-level of rumors, as we’ve got a rumor about another rumor!

When we first heard rumblings of the supposed upcoming Nintendo Direct being a Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase, that came from known insider, Pyoro. Now Pyoro is back to not only double down on the Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase prediction, but also share teases for some of what will be showcased.

First up, Pyoro is claiming that Game Freak is going to be featured in some way during the Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase. While Game Freak is most well known for their ties to all things Pokémon, the company does put out original titles from time to time. Could that be the case with their rumored Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase appearance? If this Partner Showcase actually comes to be, then we’ll find out this week!

Along with that, we also have talk of Nintendo themselves being featured in the Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase. How could Nintendo be considered a partner, you ask? Well, depending on how you look at things, Nintendo could be a partner when they step in to publish a title and not actually develop it. That’s happened a number of times in the past, and supposedly we’ll see it again soon.

Wondering what game it is that Nintendo has publishing/partner ties to? According to Pyoro, “sometimes Nintendo can be a Partner because they love dolphins🐬.” The internet was quick to point out that this dolphin reference doesn’t have anything to do with the GameCube’s codename, but instead, the 2007 Wii title, Endless Ocean. Nintendo partnered with Arika to bring that game to Wii, and if this rumor is to be believed, they’ll be teaming once again for a Switch release.

Last but not least, Pyoro does flat-out mention that the upcoming Contra: Operation Galuga is going to receive a demo as well. Pyoro usually keeps reveals to cryptic teases that the internet has to decipher, but this is one tidbit that Pyoro simply states as a fact.

Again, all of this is rumor for now, but Pyoro is easily one of the most trustworthy insiders out there. We’ll see if this track record continues as the week rolls on!


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2M ago

I’d just as soon not see them in the direct. Game Freak doesn’t deserve the Pokémon franscise. They’ve dropped the ball over the years and can’t even make a game that feels modern or fun anymore. I’m not saying they need to drastically change the formula, but just make a game that’s fun and looks and feels like a modern game worthy of the money they charge…


2M ago

Great, now I have the theme song from Endless Ocean stuck in my head...

The problem besides Gamefreak's weakness to optimizing their code is The Pokemon Company is basically not allowing Gamefreak proper development time otherwise merch sales and anime viewership go in the toilet. Gamefreak is burnt out on always doing Pokemon games and when they actually make a different game, that's time not going to optimizing Pokemon games.

Gamefreak is between a rock and a hard place. The Pokemon Company need to back off whipping Gamefreak and just let Gamefreak make one Pokemon set of games per gaming generation so that Gamefreak can have some room to also optimize games and make non-Pokemon stuff too. The Pokemon Company should ask other studios to bring back old Pokemon spinoffs and make new spinoffs to buy Gamefreak the time they need.

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2M ago

Man I really hope there is an Endless Ocean game it's one of my favs.


2M ago


I feel like people grossly misunderstand The Pokemon Company and what they do. They absolutely manage the brand when it comes to distribution, licensing, publishing, etc, but it, like the brand and trademarks, is still co owned by Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Creatures. Those 3 companies, especially Nintendo who both collaborate to localize and publish the games outside the US and own all the trademarks outside Japan, still dictate the overall timeline with when new games are coming out. They have the same exact release schedule they did before TPC was established. It was originally proposed by the head of Creatures, too, because he thought one person Trying to manage the sheet volume of licensing collaborations was way too much and has nothing to do with the games.

I don't understand why people continue to think The Pokemon Company has some sort of ironclad hold over their parent companies

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2M ago


The Pokemon Company may be co-owned between Nintendo, Creatures, and Gamefreak, but Nintendo really has limited say so The Pokemon Company is the one that calls the shots for the franchise.

Hell Nintendo wanted to use Pokemon for Super Mario Maker 1, but The Pokemon Company refused to give them the full license for the initial Pokemon Mystery Mushroom costumes. Nintendo had a lot of red tape to go through just to get the costumes in, though The Pokemon Company eased up on the tape for the additional Pokemon support for Super Mario Maker 1.

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