Well, not surprisingly, the rumors are true. After weeks of speculation, Nintendo has finally confirmed the next Nintendo Direct.

A Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase is coming! Watch on-demand via YouTube on 2/21 at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET for around 25 minutes of information focused on Nintendo Switch games coming in the first half of 2024 from Nintendo’s publishing and development partners.

We’ll be sure to cover any/all the news coming from this Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase as it airs!

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cheesus 2

5M ago

Starting 2024 strong with a Direct with no first party games in it


5M ago

@cheesus 2

Gotta compete with sonys announcement of "we will have no new first party games this year".

I think the more interesting stuff from nintendo is post march 31st (assuming thats the day of the next investor briefing), and even at that event, so we hear the plan for the rest of the year in a very clear way.


5M ago

I think we might be surprised by a game that isn’t quite Nintendo but is extremely nintendo adjacent or related and developed by a partner

Oh you mean like these that were posted on this site an hour ago LOL?


5M ago

I’m glad that an official announcement has finally released. I look forward to seeing what’s coming out later this year from Nintendo’s third-party developers. I know things are winding down ahead of the Switch successor, but I remain optimistic for this last push for the console. It truly has been a great run.