RUMOR: Konami bringing back Ninja Five-O in some capacity

Time to dig up this hidden gem?

20 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The Hudson Soft-developed and Konami published Ninja Five-O launched for the GBA back in 2003 to stellar reviews. Unfortunately, the title seemed to garner little interest from consumers. That might have had something to do with little marketing and a meager print run, leaving this one to be a shining gem in collectors’ libraries. Decades later, it appears that relegation to history might be changing.

IGN is hosting a Fan Fest event on February 21st, 2024, and it includes a day of live-streaming coverage. IGN will be showcasing all sorts of up-and-coming games, and a number of Konami titles are on the itinerary. In IGN’s breakdown of Fan Fest 2024, they mention that the recently-revealed Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked and Felix the Cat re-releases will get segments, but another Konami title mentioned is quite the surprise.

IGN’s official rundown lists Ninja Five-O among the titles that will be showcased during their Fan Fest stream. There’s very little chance this mention is a mistake, so that leaves us wondering just how exactly this GBA title will return. Is Konami going to give the classic a digital release? Could the title be in the running for a full-on remake? Perhaps another digital and physical pairing through LRG? We don’t know at this time, but if IGN’s info is correct, we should get the details quite soon!

Also, we’re donning our conspiracy theory hats when pointing out that this Fan Fest is also airing the same day as the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase. Can we expect to see the official reveal of Ninja Five-O during that presentation, which will then be followed by gameplay on IGN? Again, we’ll find out for sure come Wednesday!

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2M ago

Is this a new pachinko game? ;)

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