Pokémon Presents announced for Feb. 27th, 2024

Act surprised, everyone!

20 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 5

Pokémon Presents events are usually something you can depend on in February, and once again Pokémon Co. is delivering on those expectations.

Pokémon Co. has announced a Pokémon Presents for February 27th, 2024, and it’ll go live at 9 A.M. ET. This is in honor of Pokémon Day, which falls on the same date.

We don’t get specifics to look forward to when it comes to the Pokémon Presents, but Pokémon Co. does promise “exciting news.” Whatever that news ends up being, we’ll be here to cover it!

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2M ago

I wonder if they would release a new Pokemon on switch when the new system is (most likely) coming quite soon. Perhaps we could get a new system reveal before this, paired with a launch - near launch new Pokemon?


2M ago

If people want GF to take their time with the games, then I think shouldn't expect anything like BWr, Let's Go Johto, BW3 or Legends 2. I know some want to grasp on whatever 'leakers' say but maybe it's fine if there's not a full fat game announced.
Also, keep in mind these are multimedia presentations so mobile apps, anime and TCG re also on the (literally in the latter case) cards.


2M ago

I'd like to see if they can get me excited about this franchise again. Ironically the best way to do that might be to announce no big new game this year.

Still, I'm just kind of interested in seeing if their strategies have changed in response to this last year of games.


2M ago


Yes. Yes, they would.
Remember Black 2 & White 2 which released when the 3DS was already out?
Or Ultra Sun& Ultra Moon? Six months AFTER the Switch came out?

I fear and expect the worst.


2M ago

Despite the issues, Pokemon Scarlet was the best pokemon that I played in an long time, so if they improve on that I would be happy. But my true wish is an release of the old pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch Online

Pinball FX on Nintendo Switch