Mars 2120 pushed to Q2 2024 release

Space travel takes a long time

20 February 2024
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Independent developer QUByte Interactive has today announced that their futuristic action adventure Mars 2120 will leave Early Access this spring. Although originally slated for release this March, the game will now release in Q2, launching on Switch.

Traverse across different environments and stunning biomes, battle your way through different enemy encounters from deadly robots to colossal monsters, and unlock special abilities tied to the elements including ice, fire, and electricity to discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface, and the fate of the colony.

In Mars 2120, humanity has successfully colonised various planets in our solar system, allowing people to escape an increasingly grim situation on Earth. But it comes with great risk. After the UN receives a worrying distress call from Mars, it’s up to Sergeant Anna “Thirteen” Charlotte and an elite team of space marines to answer the call and rescue the first colony. To get to them, you’ll have to traverse a harsh landscape. fighting formidable and mysterious foes using a mix of ranged and melee attacks alongside useful elemental skills. How you dispatch your enemies is up to you, with the game offering players a non-linear approach to combat as well as exploration. Inspired by pioneers of the genre such as Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mars 2120 is an action packed metroidvania that offers a satisfying combat experience alongside cinematic flair. Will you survive?

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