SMITE “Goddess of the Sky” update now live

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20 February 2024
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The second SMITE Update of the year went live today, named “Goddess of the Sky” after the newest playable Goddess and shining star of Year 11: Nut!

This Egyptian Hunter and mother of all things joins the Battleground along with the new Cross-Gen Pass: Gleaming Valor plus a substantial batch of balance changes. And all the while, the 10 million gem giveaway is still underway!

In Egyptian folklore, Nut is the mother of all creation, the guide of mortals to a peaceful afterlife, and the embodiment of the protective sky. In SMITE, she is all of that too… and even more. Nut turns out to be none other than the beloved Lore Lady—a popular fan theory becoming a reality!

Since forever in SMITE, the omnipresent watcher known as the Lore Lady has been narrating mythological sagas and tales as the game’s plot unraveled and new Gods joined the fray. Finally, the Lore Lady reveals her true identity as Nut as she joins those she told us everything about, including her own husband Geb.

In SMITE, Nut’s visual identity is distinct at a glance from Neith—her counterpart as an Egyptian Hunter—and from any other Hunter. With stars dotting her blue skin and flowing galaxies for hair, Nut also stands out by not wielding the traditional bow and arrow. Instead she takes cosmic projectiles out of her water pot and flings them with bare hands. Her hybrid look between the physical and magical realm is fitting to an ability-based Hunter.

Nut is intended to be played as a Carry in the duo lane but is able to flex amongst different item builds. Her main damaging ability, Convergence, fires a quick barrage of projectiles that increase in number if she hits her target. Its cooldown resets when Nut uses her movement ability, Warp. This low-cooldown blink out of existence teleports Nut a few paces away. As a consequence, the key to Nut’s damage output is to chain and cycle through her abilities and attacks. Her ultimate, Skyfall, darkens the skies to a starry night over the entire Battleground as Nut summons a semi-global black hole, her most destructive weapon well able to crush a team fight.

The Race to Diamond community challenge is officially on for Nut! Do you think you can be among the first 10 players to reach her Diamond mastery level? Then hurry and join this free-for-all community contest right now to win the exclusive ‘Speedrunner’ player title.

After millennia of observation from afar, become Nut in SMITE as she descends from the stars!

In Year 11, any major SMITE Update means a new Cross-Gen Pass! All Cross-Gen items are unlocked in both SMITE (instantly) and SMITE 2 (upon release).

Today, Gleaming Valor is shining down upon the Battleground of the Gods. Bask in its radiance with two new Cross-Gen Skins—Gleaming Defender Ares and Gleaming Archer Hou Yi—plus a dozen themed cosmetics! Players progress through the Cross-Gen Pass with every game played, unlocking a reward every level for 50 levels, including free rewards.

Also out today is the first huge balance pass in Year 11, with all changes listed in the Goddess of the Sky Update Notes.

Finally, the second edition of the biggest gem giveaway in SMITE is ongoing – yes, the 10 Million Gem Giveaway is back! Now through March 1st, every 30 minutes a winner is randomly selected among current players to receive 10,000 Gems. Full details can be found in the related blog post. Why not become rich in SMITE as you play Nut, the Goddess of the Sky?

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