There have been rumblings recently of Pokémon Co. going back to the well to remake or re-release Pokémon Gold and Silver, but those have just been rumors. While we still don’t have confirmation on things yet, we do have one big indicator that the recent rumors have been true.

Pokémon Co. officially announced the next Pokémon Presents today, and it’s set to air on February 27th, 2024. Pokémon Co. spread the word on their various social channels, and that very much included YouTube. While we have the usual YouTube video link for the upcoming showcase, Pokémon Co. also created a YouTube Short to spread the word, and that’s where something interesting turned up.

If you check out the YouTube Shorts announcement of the Pokémon Presents, you’ll note that Pokémon Gold and Silver are specifically linked in the “Games” section underneath the Short itself. This isn’t something that’s auto-generated by YouTube, but is instead chosen by the uploader. Looks like Pokémon Co. may have gone a bit too deep with their descriptors ahead of the presentation!

Again, this isn’t an official confirmation of Pokémon Gold and Silver being featured in the Pokémon Presents, but it’s definitely an eye-raising discovery. Thankfully we’ll only have to wait a week to see what turns up during the big show!

Thanks to Ed for the heads up!

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I doubt that actually means anything.