Broforce boxed editions launch Feb. 23rd, 2024

Standard and deluxe editions, bro!

20 February 2024
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Get ready for the boxed game event of the year! As the internationally acclaimed action-packed, side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun and all-round ass-kicking

Broforce is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as a boxed Standard and Deluxe Edition on 23rd February! Developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital, the boxed Standard and Deluxe Editions will be created and distributed across European specialist retailers by U&I Entertainment.

Get ready to kick ass and take names as the Bros dish out their own brand of shock and awe in these two ‘Brosome’ editions. The Standard Edition comes with the full physical Broforce game experience including the Broforce Forever content update in a special artwork box. But for those who like their boxed content a little more hardcore, there is the Deluxe Edition, which bundles all the Standard Edition game content with an exclusive 24-page comic book that gives you a glimpse into the origins of Broforce and the rousing audible delights of the game soundtrack on CD all wrapped up in a collectable Tuck-in Box.

When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Brace your loins with up to four players to run ‘n’ gun as dozens of different bros and eliminate the opposing terrorist forces that threaten our way of life. Unleash scores of unique weapons and set off incredible chain reactions of fire, napalm, and limbs in the name of freedom.

The Broforce - Deliver your own brand of shock and awe with dozens of bros each with their own unique weaponry and special attacks designed to dispatch freedom across the world.

Bro-Op & Deathmatch - Battle terrorism with up to four players in cooperative mode or sever ties with your bros and face each other in several bombastic competitive modes.

Explosion Run - Join up with other bros to tackle these unique time attack levels under the pressure of exploding terrains and mass chaos.

Fully Destructible Everything - Destructible terrain opens up a slew of strategic options while the abundance of Exploding Red Barrels of Justice™ can literally level the playing field with one shot.

Level Editor - Design your own playground of destruction with a robust level editor and become the envy of all the other bros by sharing them online. Browse through scores of custom user-created levels and complete them to rate their Bro-ness.

The Broforce boxed Standard and Deluxe Editions will launch for Nintendo Switch on 23rd February across European specialist retail stores and distributed by U&I Entertainment. UK pre-orders are now available from GAME.


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