A new update for RetroMania Wrestling is now live! This update is jam-packed with content, tweaks and features, and you can see the complete breakdown below.

  • New Wrestlers: James Storm & Mr. Hughes
  • New Arena: The “NWA Arena”
  • New ring gear for every wrestler on the roster
  • Finish the Story with new chapters in Story Mode
  • Nikita Koloff’s “Russian Sickle” finisher has been reanimated
  • WARHORSE’s grapple rope bounce now has a Mega Lariat
  • Jeff Cobb’s “Wrist Clutch Fisherman Buster” has been reanimated
  • Brian Myers’ “Upside Down Frown” has been reanimated
  • Certain wrestlers can now show their power with one-handed pins under the right conditions
  • Tag Team partners on the apron can now restrain an opponent by the arms if they get too close.
  • Idle breathing animations have been added
  • You can slam your opponent’s head into the front posts outside the ring
  • Title/non-title matches can now be selected when using the Champion
  • New animation for running for into barriers at ringside
  • Opponents can now be knocked off the top rope with standing strikes
  • Corner punches now go to 10 if you have full momentum
  • Post-match button prompt before kicking to menu added
  • Controller rumble has been added for certain moves
  • Chair mechanics have been updated
  • Complete AI overhaul
  • Difficulty levels adjusted
  • Visible damage numbers now available under options
  • New music include two new match tracks
  • Flags have been corrected in the United Kingdom arena
  • Retro Rumble entrants now have a chance to taunt before entering the ring

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