The people behind the sound design in video games never get anywhere near the credit they deserve. Unfortunately, that situation only gets worse when you dive deeper into game sound in general. If anything, the composer usually gets the lion’s share of attention, but they’re just one element of building the game’s audio experience.

In a new series of videos, Square Enix looks to shed some light on the various people have help craft the sounds of their video games. The game in question this time around is Harvestella, and in the video above we once again get to hear from Nao Oe, sound designer on the title.

Oe didn’t have anything to do with creating the soundtrack for Harvestella, but they were very deeply involved with building the world’s audio. That includes sound effects for farming, monster growls, environmental noises and so on. It’s no easy job building a whole new world of sound, but Oe seemed to be the right person for the task.

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