Kiddos and squiddos, we’re less than one week away from the upcoming Side Order DLC expansion for Splatoon 3! Ahead of its release, Nintendo has shared a few more details on what we can expect from this unique challenge, and it seems there’s quite a bit of enticing content to look forward to.

To start things off, Nintendo shared a new look at Side Order’s Cipher, a mysterious resident who appears in the Order Sector. Unlike other residents, it seems interested in Agent 8 and is able to communicate. Its stall Cipher’s Siftings offers locker decorations & nameplates to use for battles, which can be purchased with Prlz.


In addition to Cipher’s Siftings, you can also unlock replica weapons and special gear by progressing inside the Spire of Order.

The last bit of Side Order coverage for today shows off the Homing Shots color chip, which can be a true blessing for those who have trouble lining up shots. Slot in this chip and watch your ink go exactly where it needs to!

Over on the Fresh Season side of things, we have a look at another round of weapons you can look forward to getting your hands on. Today’s lineup includes:

Custom E-liter 4K

  • a remix on the E-liter 4K
  • Squid Beakon sub-weapon
  • when thrown into close combat, you can counter with its special, the Kraken Royale

Custom E-liter 4K Scope

  • same sub and special as the non-scope version
  • doesn’t hold a charge

Custom Explosher

  • modified version of the Explosher
  • Splash Wall sub-weapon
  • Triple Splashdown special

Last but not least, Nintendo reveals that seven stages will be added to Tableturf Battle, some with obstacles and many Special Spaces, allowing for new strategies. The number of decks you can save will also increase from 16 to 32 to allow special deck creation for certain maps. To round things out, 20 additional Tableturf cards will be added, and Side Order cards are also on the way.

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