Having trouble keeping up with all the Pokémon merch that gets released? Well too bad, because Pokémon Co. has no plans on stopping, and they’ve just added a new series of plushies to their official online store today!

During tough times, long days, or just moments when you need extra comfort, it’s important to find time for a big hug—whether it’s with friends, loved ones, pets, or Pokémon plush. That’s where the Pokémon Sweet Support plush series comes in. Each release in this series is tethered by a cord, so when you try to pull them apart, they go rushing back into each other’s arms.

Each Sweet Support plush is priced at $30, and the series includes the pairings of Pikachu with Pichu, Marill with Azurill, Jigglypuff with Igglybuff, and Sudowoodo with Bonsly. You can place an order for these plushies or take a closer look at the Pokémon Center website.

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