The king of rumors has returned with yet another look at what to expect in the near future.

Pyoro, a leaker who has proven themselves to be trustworthy multiple times over, continues to share supposed inside information on what Nintendo will be showcasing in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase. We’ve already gotten teases for a number of titles, and now it seems SEGA will be popping up during this Partner Showcase as well.

Pyoro shared a post on social media with a monkey toy that’s very clearly in a spherical form along with a message asking if the image could be considered a partner. This is the same teasing Pyoro has been sharing for a few days now, clearly hinting at reveals from the upcoming Partner Showcase.

A spherical monkey toy certainly isn’t hard to decipher, as the image seems to point to something Super Monkey Ball related from the Partner Showcase. We won’t have to wait long to see if the rumor is true, so feel free to speculate with the little time we have left!


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