Some of you who owned a 3DS might remember the extremely unique title The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave. The game made use of the 3DS’s camera to spot Denpa Men, which would show up around any areas with a Wi-Fi signal. The title was popular enough to see multiple spin-offs and sequels, with the last entry hitting mobile devices in 2017.

While it’s been 7 long years since we’ve last seen the Denpa Men, that’s about to change in Japan with The New Denpa Men RPG Free, which was just announced for Switch. The title has only been announced for Japanese audiences at this time, and it’s set to arrive sometime in 2024.

As the Switch doesn’t have a camera, you won’t be hunting down Denpa Men through a real-life lens. You’ll still be collecting them though, and now you’ll also have to keep them fed, dress them up, and even maintain the island that they live on. You can get a look at what The New Denpa Men RPG Free has to offer in the trailer above.

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