During today’s Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, we saw that both Grounded and Pentiment are making their way to Switch. Pentiment will be arriving on Switch tomorrow, while Grounded is set for release April 16th, 2024. For those who don’t know, both of these titles are coming from Microsoft, and now we might have some insight as to why the games are jumping to Switch.

According to Circana’s PlayerPulse, as of Jan 2024 only 18% of US Switch owners also own an Xbox Series console. Microsoft has said that they believe there are titles under their umbrella that would be better served by reaching out to other platforms instead of just keeping them on Xbox. It’s clear that Microsoft believes Pentiment and Grounded to be two of those titles.

Now that we have confirmation on Pentiment and Grounded making their way to Switch, do you plan on picking either of them up? Also, do you happen to be among the 18% in the US that own an Xbox Series platform?

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4M ago

Years ago I owned all three consoles. Now, I feel best served by having a Nintendo console and good PC.


4M ago

Switch, PS5 and PC for me. I used to be the type to buy them all, but starting with Xbox One I phased out Xbox. No regrets.


4M ago

No. Xbox has become quite useless since all the games are on PC. But I'd go with Sony second to Nintendo anyway.