PixelHeart and Neofid Studios are pleased to announce the release of new editions based on the Asteborg license! This includes Kingdom of Asteborg, an exclusive Switch compilation featuring Demons of Asteborg and Astebros. This physical verison is now available for pre-order on the PixelHeart website, with a release date of June 30th 2024 at the latest!


Dive into a kingdom full of mystery and adventure with the “Kingdom of Asteborg” compilation! This exclusive pack brings together two thrilling games, “Demons of Asteborg” and “Astebros”, for a great gaming experience and a few new features.

Key features:

Demons of Asteborg :

  • Great references to vintage games
  • 4 playable characters during the story
  • Shop for character upgrades
  • A great durability
  • SPECIAL BONUS for this edition: 1 new playable character (Bohort)

Astebros :

  • Play as a Knight, Ranger or Mage, each with unique abilities and play styles.
  • Eight randomly generated levels.
  • High-quality graphics reminiscent of classic Sega Genesis games.
  • Play alone or with a friend.

This compilation includes an original menu and bonus image galleries for the 2 games. The 2 games are on the same disc/cartridge.

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