Earlier today, Microsoft revealed that they’re bringing both Pentiment and Grounded to the Switch. Pentiment comes to the Switch tomorrow, while we’ll have to wait until April 16th, 2024 for Grounded.

We’ve gotten all the usual gameplay details and assets out of the way for both Pentiment and Grounded, but are there more tidbits to glean from today’s reveal trailers? The video above aims to do just that, diving deep into both reveals to try and decipher just how well these titles will run on Switch.

While not official by any means, the trailers for both Pentiment and Grounded offer up an interesting tidbit. With a bit of analysis done, we can see that both games, at least in trailer form, are running at 60fps. That’s not really a surprise with the 2D Pentiment, but it’s pretty shocking for Grounded. While Grounded clearly has taken a hit in the visual department during the porting process, it seems that may have helped the dev team eek out a 60fps approach, even if it’s variable instead of steady.

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