Earlier today, Konami announced that Contra: Operation Galuga is coming to Switch on March 12th, 2024. Along with that, a free demo has been launched on the Switch eShop as well. Turns out that still wasn’t all that was planned for Contra fans, as a special video has been shared as well.

Any Contra fan worth their salt knows that the soundtrack is just as important to the Contra experience as the gameplay is. If you’ve been wondering how things are coming along on the music side of things, the new soundtrack sampler trailer should be right up your alley. Give it a watch to hear some of the brand-new tunes and classics remixes that await!

Along with that video, Scarlet Moon, in partnership with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI) and WayForward, is thrilled to announce Scarlet Moon’s Yuko Komiyama and Norihiko Hibino as lead composers on Contra: Operation Galuga. Yuko Komiyama has meticulously crafted the main score with a high-intensity orchestral sound, utilizing several classic Contra melodies that will surprise and delight fans. Norihiko Hibino is responsible for all of the explosive boss battle music.

Both are excited to work with KONAMI on this incredible reimagining of the first game in the series alongside developer WayForward, which is renowned for the care and attention it’s given to the Contra franchise in the past. Even more, KONAMI is currently preparing the soundtrack to release on digital storefronts and streaming platforms on March 5th, 2024.

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