Ice Water Games is excited to announce that “Tenderfoot Tactics” is making its console debut on Switch today. You can pick up the game for $15 right now.

A novel, deterministic combat system, with easy to grasp rules and astonishing depth. No random miss chances. No damage ranges. Manipulate the elements to turn the battlefield to your advantage, but beware the consequences, as nature is complex and fickle. Open chasms, raise mountains, boil lakes, drain rivers. Start fires you later regret.

Unearth ancient ruins, discover strange artifacts, and meet new friends, in a lush, painterly world. Explore the reaches of the archipelago by boat. Take to the skies as a bird to survey the landscape and plan the best route forward.

For a generation, the terrible Fog—one vast, voiceless, and cruel spirit—has been eating the once-thick forests of the mainland. Now, with nowhere left to call home, and granted magic by the friendly spirits of the archipelago, one small party of would-be adventurers sets out. Find a way to save the many goblin towns of the rocky coast, discover the truth of the Fog, and, if possible, put an end to it.

Key Features

  • Explore the archipelago to your heart’s content, finding surprises along the way.
  • No damage ranges or miss chances: each attack makes a predicted amount of damage, so plan accordingly.
  • Evolve and customize your goblins, granting them different abilities. Each goblin is unique, try out different party combinations.
  • Tenderfoot Tactics on Switch supports 1080p/720p resolution at 30fps for the docked and handheld experience respectively. The game also includes touch controls while playing handheld. All platforms make use of a dynamic resolution scale on the horizontal axis to help maintain performance during the dynamic combat encounters that make up Tenderfoot Tactics.

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