Jet Force Gemini released for the Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers awhile ago, but it unfortunately did so with a rather nasty bug. And no, we’re not talking about the bugs you’re meant to squish during gameplay.

Ever since its NSO launch, if you went to play Jet Force Gemini in the original 4:3 mode, all looks as you’d expect. If you go for the widescreen option, the image gets letterboxed rather than being properly stretched vertically. This results in an image that looks rather out-of-whack, but it’s certainly still playable.

While Nintendo never commented on the issue, we now know that they were aware of it. Nintendo just released a batch of classic RARE games for Switch Online subscribers today, but they also snuck in an update for Jet Force Gemini as well. If you go in to enjoy widescreen mode now, things are display appropriately. Now you can enjoy the game stretched correctly rather than being forced to stick with 4:3 mode.

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