Clear River Games, a video game publisher specializing in classic and retro games and part of Embracer Freemode, today announced the highly anticipated physical release of beat ‘em up icons from the Double Dragon series with Double Dragon Collection shipping across Europe beginning February 29, 2024.

The legendary arcade franchise that kick started the golden era of beat ‘em ups, Double Dragon has been entertaining fans for over 30 years. Now, in a complete six-part box set, the twin dragons are rising again, only this time on Nintendo Switch as fans and new gamers alike follow Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy as they master their martial arts skills in the fight against the Black Shadow Warriors.

A set of six action-packed titles have been brought together in one high-octane collection for Nintendo Switch that will appeal to beat em’ up worshipers, and with the manual and reversible sleeve so attentively included, nostalgia fans alike cannot afford to miss. A key part of the Double Dragon Collection is the rare gem Super Double Dragon, a superb addition to the franchise, now available to play for the very first time on modern consoles after its original release back in ‘92.

Included in Double Dragon Collection are:

  • Super Double Dragon
  • Double Dragon Advance
  • DOUBLE DRAGON Ⅱ: The Revenge
  • DOUBLE DRAGON Ⅲ: The Sacred Stones

It wouldn’t be a Double Dragon Collection without what’s widely considered the masterpiece of the series, Double Dragon Advance, which includes five elegant wallpapers befitting a true martial arts master. New to Super Double Dragon comes the Game Speed feature, putting gamers to the test by cranking up the speed for gameplay that’s up to twice as fast, delivering intense battles which are not for the faint of heart!

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