Shatterproof Games has announced that they’ll be bringing Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom to the Switch sometime after May 2024. You can see the debut trailer for this title above.

Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom is a relaxing puzzle game contained within an epic adventure. Travel through castles, forests, deserts, swamps and tundra. Explore a myriad of unique levels (filled with devious puzzles) in search of your mother in a quest to pull your family back together.

Use your fathers crown, adorned with four powerful precious stones to manipulate the world around you and find your way to each goal. Force new perspectives, hunt down hidden objects and even manipulate time.

  • Turn the crown to spin the camera and watch previously broken paths mend themselves before your eyes.
  • Drag and drop objects, characters and even large bits of scenery to repair your path.
  • Rotate specific objects to open up new paths and keep progressing.
  • Take control of the inhabitants of the kingdom to save them from themselves.
  • Use the final stone to promote growth or repair the rigours of age.
  • There is beauty in chaos and Aarik’s world is no exception. Guide him through the wreck and ruin to mend what you can and come to terms with what you cannot.
  • As you progress Aarik will come across creatures and objects that can help him in his quest. You will have to use every resource available to you in order to best the puzzles of the land.

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