Earlier today, Nintendo shadow-dropped 5 more classic RARE titles on the Switch Online service. These games were revealed via a special trailer that showcased each game, but it seems like Nintendo might be teasing even more to come down the road.


While there’s no doubt more legacy titles in general heading to Switch Online, it seems like Nintendo may have teased another batch of RARE games in the near future. The image above comes from the end of today’s RARE reveal trailer, and something was going on in the background that you might have missed first time around.

Riley Little reached out to us to share his discovery of what appears to be mystery game box silhouettes floating around in the background of the image above. Without a doubt, it looks like Nintendo has highlighted silhouettes of NES, SNES and N64 games, but the titles themselves remain a mystery.

With this being a RARE-centric video, it would only make sense that the mystery silhouettes would be teasing future RARE releases. Nintendo fans no doubt love seeing classic RARE titles on Switch, so yet another wave would be met with equal enthusiasm!

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4M ago

2 NES and 2 N64 games?

Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Tooie, Battletoads and Wizards & Warriors perhaps?

I doubt Wizards&Warriors since I imagine Rare/Microsoft don't own the license. My guess is we'd only get things that were also included in Rare Replay that Microsoft owns and can license, so Slalom, Solar Jetman, Digger T Rock, Cobra Triangle, or RC Pro Am II. I feel Battletoads is a given though, but none of the others seem any more likely than the rest.

I agree no SNES games and just N64 since there is nothing notable they own left on SNES. As for N64, I like your guesses, but I also have no idea since they still have a half dozen notable MY games

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