Earlier in the week, a rating surfaced for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. Just two days after that rating, the game was officially revealed via a Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase. That reveal came with a deluge of details, but it turns out ATLUS had even more to say about the title shortly after.

ATLUS hosted a “special program spotlight” for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance that offered up 25+ minutes of coverage for the game. That time was filled with new details on story, mechanics, added features and much more. You can see a complete summary of the event via the bullet points below.

  • adds unique skills for each demon in the party
  • these will take a different slot from other skills
  • the new skill will emphasize & differentiate unique characteristics & playstyles for each demon
  • Nahobiho is a new Frost-type demon based on the appearance of the Nahobino
  • Nahobiho can use an Ice elemental version of the Wrath Tempest skill
  • Nahobiho is one of 40 new demons that will be added
  • you will be able to interact with demons in your party
  • at times, players can increase the level cap of the Nahobino and demons from 99 to 150
  • the speed at which players can distribute new demon skills has been changed
  • there are now four alternatives: standard, double speed, max speed, or skip
  • some Miracles can be toggled ON or OFF from the status screen
  • a new item will allow players to reset the Nahobino’s parameters and relocate his stats
  • toggle minimap rotation ON or OFF in the settings menu
  • saving can now be done anywhere in the map
  • growth items like Gospels (EXP increase) and Incenses (stats increase) can be used in a batch
  • The Return of the True Demon, The Doctor’s Last Wish, The Rage of a Queen, and A Goddess in Training DLCs are all included
  • the Mitama DLC will remain paid content
  • two new demons will be added as paid DLC: Dagda from SMT IV: Apocalypse, and the brand-new demon Konohana Sakuya
  • choose between the original route or the new route from the beginning of the game
  • Canon of Creation route follows the same story told in the original SMT V
  • Canon of Vengeance route is a new story
  • both routes follow roughly the same story up until the middle stages of the plot
  • Canon of Vengeance will offer significant changes from that point forward
  • unique to Canon of Vengeance include 4 new female demons
  • these 4 demons are named Qadištu, the Goddesses of Vengeance
  • Lilith is the leader of the group, and she has her own agenda set for the Nahobino
  • Yoko Hiromine is a new character that meets the Nahobino and joins him in his travels
  • Vengeance was developed to realize ideas the dev team couldn’t include in the original release
  • Vengeance will explore the relationship between Qadištu and Nahobino
  • Vengeance will also explore the relationship between those who win and lose
  • Canon of Vengeance is structured from the perspective of the Snake God as a tale of revenge
  • completing one scenario takes about 80 hours, so doing both will take 160 hours

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4M ago

Is there any chance whatsoever of this being available as a DLC upgrade? I still haven’t gotten to this on my backlog. At this point I’d rather buy it on sale in a few years on hardware that (presumably) runs the game better.


4M ago


Knowing Atlus, no. They have said the old save file isn't compatible with the new version, so that seems pretty definitive to me, but I've yet to see the actual answer either way, but I am pretty confident it's no.