Publisher Phoenixx and developer Team DigitalMind have announced that they’re bringing the physics-based, cat-centric sumo wrestling game Nyaaaanvy to the Switch today. “Nyanvy” is a mysterious creature that looks a bit like a cat. Nyaaaanvy is a game in which Nyanvies wrestle using their wiggly, physics-based bodies.

In the online multiplayer mode, players can enjoy custom matches for up to six players, or rated matches for one-on-one competition. You can either get together with your friends and have fun, or you can fight your way to the top of the rankings!

Battle the mysterious Nyanvy army in one-player Arcade and Survival modes! Records will be ranked online. Be a faster, tougher Nyanvy!

Customize your Nyanvy by changing its body pattern or wearing stylish glasses! Some customizations are not cat-like. But no matter what they look like, Nyanvy are still a self-described cat.

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