Quadroids aims four Switch owners today

Four times the puzzling action

22 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publishers Just for Games and Fabloo Games have revealed that their new 2D puzzle platformer game, Quadroids™, developed by Blue Loop Studio, is coming to Switch today.

In Quadroids, players will assist an evil robotic overlord known as Roboctopus in fulfilling its destiny as supreme ruler of the cosmos. Guide Roboctopus’ army of Quadroid bots over 100 interconnected levels filled with lasers, acid baths and a variety of other automaton annihilating hazards. Look for opportunities hidden in each of the game’s four screens and sacrifice your Quadroids wisely. Refine those psychomotor skills and carve a path to cerebral domination.


● Four Screens, One Goal - Control and coordinate across four split-screens at the same time.

● Overcome all obstacles - Avoid acid baths, dodge spikes and control the environment with robots.

● Droids die too. Sacrifice the Quadroids to progress! - Remember, even if a character dies a horrible death, they can still help in the quest! Each body is a platforming opportunity…

● Defeat the AI - Discover more than 100+ cute pixel art levels (complete with gory elements for added fun) on your mission to conquer the galaxy!

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