2Awesome Studio (2AS) is pleased to announce that the console stores and pre-orders for Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand, the detective action RPG developed by Cereal Games, are now live!

This revamped edition includes the original game plus La Soirée, an epilogue chapter that ties up loose ends from the original ending, and overall quality of life improvements and bug fixes for an even smoother experience.

Here’s some of the changes implemented:

  • Auto save prior to entering a boss fight room
  • Improvements to the gamepad aiming: it will now remember the player last position when he starts to aim, aiming speed was enchanced and the distance of the crosshair will correctly depict the max bullet travel distance.
  • Implemented aim assist with gamepad
  • Added the option to “toggle to aim”
  • Improvements to the player movements, that is now a bit slower when moving diagonally
  • Minimap optimization: now the store locations are marked on the minimap
  • Overall improvement of the menus, for a more intuitive navigation
  • General bug fixes of previously reported bugs

Pre-orders are live for Nintendo Switch and Xbox at a special discounted price of 7,99€. For players that already own the original game on Steam or Switch, they’ll get this update for free.

Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand is noir ARPG set in a border town between the United States and Mexico where gambling, corruption and crime are a daily occurrence. For John Souza, a former detective who lived through better times, this is the perfect place to lay low and find solace at the bottom of a bottle.

John would never have suspected that his next job would be coming from a real ghost. Charlie’s “Two Angels” specter appears to him with a task: to capture his former associates in order to achieve redemption for their sins and be able to pass through the gates of Heaven.

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