After closing out 2023 with a record-breaking 100 million MAU jumping into brand new games and experiences in the Fortnite ecosystem, Fortnite brings big updates with new gameplay and content to LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival!

LEGO Fortnite: The Gone Fishin’ Update - February 22

Players can now craft a Fishing Rod to catch various types of fish including Green Floppers, Silver Thermal Fish, Cuddle Jelly Fish and more! The type of fish players can catch is based on the biome and water, as well as the weather and time of day.

New tools: The Spyglass and the Compass are now available to craft to help see further in the distance and add basic navigation to the HUD.

ICYMI: Check out some of the awesome things the LEGO Fortnite community has been building in the game - a fully working plane, a full LEGO town and a Mega village!

Rocket Racing: Speed Run Mode & More - February 22

Speed Run is an all-new mode where players can try to set the best possible lap time! It’s available in public and private matches, but player collisions are turned off when playing with others.

Season leaderboards and friends leaderboards are now available to compare run times with friends and drivers worldwide.

The Diestro Car Body is now available in Rocket Racing and other experiences across Fortnite as part of the Diestro Car Bundle! If you already have Diestro in Rocket League, it’ll be in your Fortnite Locker thanks to cross-game ownership.

Fortnite Festival: Season 2: Unlock Your Talent Featuring Lady Gaga - February 22

As we announced yesterday, Fortnite Festival Season 2: Unlock Your Talent kicks off February 22 and ends April 22, 2024, at 12 AM ET. This Season is headlined by legendary pop star Lady Gaga!

Season 2 will feature the Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass filled with new Instruments, Jam Tracks, and more. The Pass has both a free reward track and Premium Reward Track upgrade, where players can unlock Lady Gaga-themed instruments and the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit.

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