We often talk about Nintendo’s long-tail sellers, but they’re not the only company that knows how to keep moving a game years after it launched. Square Enix has done just that with NieR:Automata, as the game has reached yet another sales milestone.

Square Enix has announced that NieR:Automata has managed to sell 8 million units worldwide, and that includes the combined physical/digital total across all platforms. If you happened to pick up the game on Switch, then your purchase has very much counted towards this massive total!

To celebrate the sales achievement, Square Enix has released a special NieR:Automata showcasing 2B and 9S at the Amusement Park enjoying some fireworks. You can check out that clip below.

With 8 million units sold, it’s no surprise that Square Enix has been releasing all kinds of merch and collaborative efforts for NieR:Automata over the years. We’ve seen so much in the last few months alone, and now yet another unique product is on the way to Japan.


Square Enix and Onkyo are teaming up for NieR:Automata Ver1.1a wines, and the process with which they were made is quite interesting. Believe it or not, Onkyo played the NieR:Automata soundtrack in the rooms where this wine was aging!

These wines are priced at $79.80, and they come in 2B and 9S options. Each option was aged using different songs from the soundtrack, and you can see the breakdown below.


  • “The Sound of the End”
  • “Rebirth & Hope”
  • “Girl’s Memories”
  • “Crumbling Lines (Ver1.1a)”
  • “Weight of the World/English Version (Ver1.1a)”


  • “Widespread Disease”
  • “City Ruins – Rays of Light”
  • “Faltering Prayer – Dawn Breeze”
  • “Copied City (Ver1.1a)”
  • “Weight of the World/English Version (Ver1.1a)”

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