Sky: Children of the Light has been updated to Ver. 0.24.5. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer Continues

The story continues to unfold in the Crescent Oasis area as the 4th and 5th Seasonal Quests become available in this patch. Follow the final chapters as the consequences of the Spirits’ choices ripple through Crescent Oasis, and your Sky child is called upon to set things right.

Once you complete the 5th quest, a new location in Crescent Oasis opens to you. This tranquil, peaceful glade is perfect for relaxing, composing just the right photograph, or—if you have the Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer cape—you and your friends can enjoy the company of the Season’s legendary creature when it periodically enters the space.

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer can be played until 23:59 March 31st PDT (UTC -7; all times Pacific). Once the Season ends, please note that some features of the collaboration will change. The Nine-Colored Deer’s appearance will be updated, and all collaboration items—the Gift of the Nine-Colored Deer, Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer, and the deer-themed mask in the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree—will no longer be available; these are not currently scheduled to return at a later date. However, the themed hair accessory as well as all the Seasonal Quests will remain permanently available to all players.

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