For the last few weeks, we’ve heard plenty of rumors about Hi-Fi Rush making its way to Nintendo fans. There was even some compelling evidence that was dug up by dataminers, with iconography that certainly made it seem like the Xbox and PC game was Switch-bound. Sadly, it seems the insiders missed the mark, as following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, there’s still no sign of the game on Switch.

The original rumors of Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch were shared alongside rumblings of Microsoft bringing more games over to Nintendo’s ecosystem. That part of the rumor was true, as Pentiment is on Switch as of today, and Grounded is coming over in April. So what in the world is going on with Hi-Fi Rush? Well, the latest rumors are asking Nintendo fans to have a bit of patience.

When Hi-Fi Rush Switch rumors first popped up some scoffed at the idea, saying the platform simply wasn’t powerful enough to handle the music-based adventure. It’s certainly true that 60fps was a crucial aspect of the original release, with the music-based gameplay depending on silky-smooth actions. Perhaps the Switch doesn’t have the horsepower under the hood to make things happen, but we know another system that could pull it off with ease…

The latest rumor says that Hi-Fi Rush is still coming to Nintendo fans, but not on Switch. Instead, the game will make its way to the Switch successor, whatever that ends up being. Rumors about the hardware make it sound like a much more powerful version of the Switch, so there’s no reason why Hi-Fi Rush couldn’t run without issue on the platform. Hi-Fi Rush on Switch’s successor would also explain the icon discovered by dataminers a few weeks back.

It’s all rumors and speculation for now, but it definitely seemed like there was too much smoke surrounding Hi-Fi Rush on Switch for there not to be a fire. For now, we’ll reset the clock and see if things count down to a Switch successor reveal for this title.

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2M ago

Well obviously. If they put it out on Switch they would’ve had to call it… Lo-Fi Rush?