This March, Niantic is welcoming white, yellow, red, and blue hyacinths into Pikmin Bloom! Additionally, during this month, Pikmin with hyacinths of any color blooming on their head will be stronger against mushrooms. Be sure to feed them some hyacinth nectar before your next battle!

Flower of the Month: Hyacinth

Throughout March, Big Flowers may occasionally bloom into plum blossoms, pansies, cherry blossoms, baby blue eyes, windflowers and hyacinths when you plant regular red, yellow, white, or blue petals around them.

Nectar Update

During March, fruit obtained from tackling mushrooms will give either regular, plum blossom, pansy, cherry blossom, baby blue eyes, windflower and hyacinth nectar.

March Community Day

In March, Community Day will be held on the following dates: March 16th and 17th.

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