Them’s Fightin’ Herds has just reached the end of its development with the release of DLC characters Baihe and Nidra. Both of these characters are included in the Season Pass for the game, or they can be purchased separately for $5 each.

While this would normally be an exciting time for Them’s Fightin’ Herds fans, it’s instead been a bit of a mess, as apparently both DLC characters have a number of issues that are breaking gameplay in some serious ways. Unfortunately, it’s not known whether these problems will be fixed, as back in November, the dev team revealed that active development on Them’s Fightin’ Herds would end with the release of this DLC. We heard the game will still get small patches to address game-breaking bugs, so hopefully that means these issues will get remedied.

Multiple players are reporting that these DLC characters can cause infinite combos trapping players, and they can also cause characters to freeze as well. This makes both characters a real crap shoot when it comes to gameplay sessions, and once you throw them into online play, things can become incredibly broken quickly.

If/when a patch is announced for these issues, we’ll be sure to give you the full details.

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2M ago

The reason why the characters released in this state is because the Mane6 QA team were fired literally right in the middle of QA pass for the two new characters.

There was tons of stuff that were logged to be fixed but because the people on the team that knew what they were doing were fired, there was no one left at Maximum that knew how to fix this stuff. Basically, it's all Maximum Entertainment's fault for letting the characters release in this state, not Mane6

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