Last week, Hello Games launched the OMEGA update for No Man’s Sky, which invited everybody to embark upon a new shared interstellar expedition entirely for free for a limited time. Turns out that weekend went incredibly well, as Hello Games is running the free-to-play fun for a second weekend in a row.

The OMEGA update to No Man’s Sky features a complete overhaul of expeditions, new on-planet missions, claimable pirate freighters, and much more. With the entire Omega expedition open to everyone entirely for free this weekend, this is the best time for players old and new to come together and explore the universe.

Slice through space and atmosphere alike in the ultra-sleek Starborn Runner starship. This unusual ship features a localised vector field allowing it to hover above solid planes.

Dive into community expeditions directly from existing savegames. Bring along your favourite Starship and Multi-Tool to face the expedition’s challenges in familiar style.

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