Evening Star is the team behind Penny’s Big Breakaway, which got a surprise launch on Switch this week. This is the same team that worked with SEGA to bring Sonic Mania to life, so we already know they’re quite the talented group of devs. Now we’re getting to see them strut their stuff with an original IP, and it turns out they’ve snuck in some interesting mechanics for score-minded players.

Penny’s Big Breakaway has all kinds of mechanics and moves that let’s a player zip through stages and score big points along the way. This is all aided by a combo system that builds the longer you keep your string of fancy moves going. Wondering just how hard you can push this combo system to exploit scoring? One of the devs at Evening Star was more than willing to show what’s possible in a recent live-stream.

In the clip below, you can see Evening Star dev Milena put together an incredibly impressive combo in the game’s first stage. Believe it or not, the dev manages to run a combo from literally the start of the stage all the way to the end, making for a sky-high score when all’s said and done. Watch in awe below!

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