Pokémon Masters EX has been available for years now, but the dev team keeps cooking up new features and fun for players to enjoy. Turns out they’ve been working extra hard lately, as they’ve just announced a bunch of tweaks, changes and new elements that will be joining the game soon.

In a new note shared by the dev team, we get a sneak peek at things to come for Pokémon Master EX, and some of these will be available before February closes out. If you’re a Pokémon Masters EX fan, here’s what you can look forward to in the weeks to come.

  • Photo Creator where you can select up to three Sync Pairs and adjust them to create a photo
  • the photo you create can be used on your profile
  • Titles are coming and they can be displayed on your Profile
  • Titles can be earned through events, based on your player rank or number of days logged in
  • Secret Titles will also be available
  • you will be able to Like players photos
  • new missions will be added
  • stock two Lucky Skills on each Sync Pair in addition to the equipped one
  • this will allow you to switch between Lucky Skills as needed as many times as you want
  • Sync Grids are being altered with a change in the Energy Cap
  • based on the Sync Pair’s move level, it can be raised by up to 10
  • this gives you access to more tiles for the Sync Pairs and is accomplished by using Co-op Sync Orbs

More information on what’s in the works for Pokémon Masters EX will be shared in the upcoming Pokémon Presents, which airs on February 27th, 2024.

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