Kirby’s Dream Land launched all the way back in 1992, and it served as Kirby’s debut to the world. It’s wild to think Kirby had such humble beginnings, but that’s all the creampuff needed in order to capture the hearts of Nintendo fans and become one of the company’s biggest stars. Even more impressive, he did all that without his now-legendary copy ability!

That title paved the way for many other Kirby games, including the 1995 release of Kirby’s Dream Land 2. KDL2 might not be a visual powerhouse upon first glance, but the game was quite the looker back in the day. It took what the Game Boy could do with its limited power and created a clear, attention-grabbing design and style that you can still see at play in the Kirby games of today. The Kirby style has been influential in multiple games in the decades that followed Dream Land, and now that vision gets to live on in an all-new way.

In the video above, digital artist Brandon James Greer has put his skills to the test by taking Kirby’s Dream Land 2 out of the 2D realm and translating it into a virtual 3D diorama. You can see how the entire process plays out in the video above, showcasing both the challenges and unique hurdles necessary to overcome. Not surprisingly, after all the work has been put in, the final result is absolutely gorgeous.

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