NIS America has announced that Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2 is now available on Switch. This package contains both Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed & Rebound and ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, and is priced at $40 on the Switch eShop. There’s also a $100 Limited Edition up for grabs.

Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound debuts diabolical schemes with brand new content! Help Lord Zetta invade and reclaim the Netherworld, and when your conquest for evil subsides, ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman has custom characters to kick enemy butt right to the curb! Get lost in the deep customization system to create a one-of-a-kind fighter to battle your way through randomly-generated maps and create a story all your own!


To celebrate this launch, NIS America is also running a special Joy-Con contest. The Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound Damage Contest will give two lucky winners a set of custom Joy-Con controllers seen above. You have until May 24th, 2022 to enter this contest, and you can find full details here.

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